Shamanic Healing

Workshops available on this website offer you a chance to learn more about shamanism and soul work, the shamanic journey as well as through conscious and trance dance, with particular themes that connect us to power animals, allies and guardians with more information to inspire soul retrieval and healing.

Connecting with spirit allies and helpers, gives us the possibility of never feeling alone, it allows a level of trust in something bigger than ourselves and a sense of support and protection, much needed in today’s climate.

I offer one to one shamanic work from my home in Hastings, East Sussex. These sessions can be for one hour to half a day. Bespoke sessions available to suit your needs. Please contact to discuss and to book. Please note, 48 hours needed for any cancellation or postponement.  moc.enicidemhtraeelddimnull@enilorac

I work with soul retrieval and the deep connection we have to our wounds, seeking the destructive forces that do not serve us. I work with spirit guides, the drum and my voice.

Unafraid to explore the dark of our histories, I often reach the parts others prefer not to travel to, shining a light on what is hidden and retrieving the presence of Soul, guiding my clients towards a life rich in creativity and purpose.




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