Sacred Theater – Oracle Of The Shapeshifter 2

Shapeshifter know me, as I become the other

magically transforming to surrender
to that wisdom
Speak through me lest I forget
the knowledge bestowed upon me
embarking on a new journey
You make yourself known.

Opportunity to dive deeper into the shapeshifter, using sacred theater, traditional acting skills, improvisation exercises, voice work and presentation, to be the holy actor & sacred clown of ceremony.

Includes ceremony. Ritual and ceremony magnifies our actions a hundred fold.

Within this gathering we are guided via shamanic journeys and ecstatic dance to unveil our own shapeshifter, trusting in the art of presence, repetition and trance, we develop a stronger connection to our spirit guides - where we may find wisdom never moved or been spoken before.

Evoking the spirit of our guides within the creation of our own Oracle Field, we explore the potential we hold as a human being. Guided to explore parts of our self that have been or remain hidden, allows them into the light.

Step more fully into your power and learn the presence needed for clear communicative direction, set boundaries and exorcise trauma. The entertainment can enhance the personal ritual by distracting the ego in favor of a stronger collective wisdom. By discovering the archetypes within us, it can bring meaning to our communities and give courage to those who don't normally speak with a strong voice. Getting to know this quality as a powerful ally to support you in the expressions of your presentations from acting, to job interviews, to speaking in seminars, to being in front of the camera, to being able to give a clearly constructed performance of ritual.

Learning to embody the shapeshifter and act from this place with the guidance of the hollow bone state inspires and enriches our life. Includes working in the dance with movement and presence, outdoors in nature, shamanic skills, journeying and connection to allies, voice work and poetry and the oracle theater work.

(Please take part in The Oracle Of The Shapeshifter before this workshop.)

Ben spent 20 years as an actor performing alongside great talents like Anthony Perkins, Colin Firth, Sean Bean, Gary Oldman. He studied movement psychology and has performed rituals with many indigenous tribes around the world from Australian Aborigines to Pigmies in the Congo to Feteshers in Ghana. He learned that when theatre explores the real issues in a community and is ritualised the participants become channels for the collective feelings of the group and their ancestors to inspire healing.

Caroline has played with the veils and shapeshifting roles within ritual and ceremony, she has trained and studied with the Gali theatre co, and Academy of Acting, Brighton. Has performed in mask and has acted in short films and music videos as a performer and dancer.