Realisations from the Mandorla workshop, by Ben Cole

Realisations from the Mandorla workshop in Joburg by Ben Cole

It’s a very exciting feeling when co-holding Caroline’s Mandorla workshop constellation process. I didn’t expect to have any deep insights, as I was focusing on holding the space and making it safe for others to look deeply into their own conflicts and find a strong connection to their souls purpose. But as we were an odd number, I did get to compose my own Mandorla map (see pic below) and on this occasion, whilst I drummed for the group process, I experienced a huge flash of inspiration: As I stepped into each conflicting circle, side stepping to my left and right, drumming and allowing the dancer inside to explore the issues that seem to be in conflict, I became aware of something profound and stepping back into the middle, dancing in the almond shape, where the two conflicts overlap, I suddenly got a vision of golden light illuminating my moving body and I realise that there in the middle, I have an authentic connection to who I really am.
In my past, I have had the belief that who I truly am, was located in one of these conflicting personalities and if only I could decide that one was more authentic, I would have a chance of resolving that conflict. But here in this middle space where the energy of both burn brightly, I become free of all conflicting feelings.
In that glorious moment I realised I am balanced by these conflicts in my life. I don’t have to try to decide which one is the true me, as I am home here in the central Mandorla, where my soul burns with a feeling of joy and stability arises. This feeling shapes who I am in my authentic truth, keeps me balanced and even protects me, like standing in the calm and peaceful circle in the centre of a tornado.
If only I can remember this, the next time I feel an inner conflict, to dance in the centre, where my soul and my illusory ego, fall in love and cancel each other out, revealing my souls purpose, aided and protected by this troubled ego.
What is my souls purpose I hear myself ask?…
To model a way out of conflict by discovering my own Middle Earth Medicine Way towards harmony right in the middle Mandorla of my own conflicts.
Ben Cole

next Mandorla workshop …. Brighton 24th / 25th February, Venue : The Studio, Brighton

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