Middle Earth Wisdom – from innocence to sovereignty


Are you ready to explore your life story fully, as you uncover what is true for you?

This book is a personal development journey, working with your own life and its significant moments, as a guide and an inspiration into true purpose and a deeper understanding of yourself and your potential.

Caroline takes the reader on a quest of soul retrieval.

Caroline takes the reader on a quest of soul retrieval. She weaves elements of her own personal story, traversing decades of study, dance and creativity with her understanding of a collective innocence that knows pain and longing, calling us all to deepen the exploration of our inner life and mystery and to grow into the Sovereign being that is our birth-right.

She writes about ‘The Wheel Of Souls Return’ a creative journey that includes Dwellings to awaken the imagination, Stages Of Life to show us where we are, Archetypes that we can embody, Resources to enrich our experiences and Tools to create with. Each one of these is depicted in The Oracle Cards. There are 52 Oracle Cards and The Oracle book, which act as a guide for this journey…

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