The Gathering, Deeper Knowing & The Offering

This is a face-to-face course held on Zoom platform,

  • You will discover the story that is inherent within.
  • Journey with the drum beat to awaken spiritual connection
  • Share openly about life-story and what needs to change
  • Listen with integrity to each other
  • Dance/move to music to further embodiment
  • Begin creative projects to use as tools for transformation
  • Take time out from computer screen to process and create

We will meet on the zoom platform where we will explore three parts of soul-growth, The Gathering, Deeper Knowing & The Offering, deepening our understanding of becoming sovereign and knowing why we are truly here. This is a powerful journey of soul-seeking, in-depth listening and taking new and exciting actions to embody our true nature.

The Wheel Of Soul’s Return – Soul Retrieval with Caroline Carey.

Group Process Online.

Imagine you have a group of people supporting your journey with creativity, to find inner joy with the identification of your gifts. And alongside that, you are helping others to find what is important to them. You might even find things out about yourself that you never knew before, like a hidden talent that is longing to be explored.

The support you receive will also give you the tools to process old conditioning and loss of self esteem.

We are working with ancient spiritual and personal development techniques, traditionally known as soul-retrieval, yet equally suited for more modern day living and experiences.

Join us to find out more and travel along this exciting exploration, that takes us on an inner journey so we can find what is ours to do on the outer journey.

“This course has been a path to free my voice and personal vision, while healing old wounds.” Elixxchel Lily


FREE BONUS if booked by  30th April – A free 40 minute mentoring session with Caroline

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