The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix: a dancing warrior’s path


This is Caroline Carey’s second book based upon the work she offers around the world and focuses on the in-depth healing that occurs, when we engage our bodies in movement and connection to our hearts.

Bringing her own stories to everything she writes about, she includes Soul Retrieval – healing the soul of community, ancestors and the planet, poetry and prose intermingle with teachings from the heart. Writing from her experience of childhood sexual abuse and the changes she made to overcome it, making huge and positive steps since first writing her autobiography, Ms’Guided Angel, soon to be re-released.

“The actual writing of my story was cathartic and deeply healing and I know, helped many other women with their own journeys.”

The contents of this book are woven with thoughts on how we can expand and grow our own metaphoric wings, leaving behind what no longer serves. In a poetic and subtle way, she takes readers on a journey into their own innate wisdom and what may be forgotten over time. It is a re-awakening to their own truth and a reminder of their innocence and soul purpose.

Caroline includes her experiences with Shamanic and Indigenous people. Dancing in ceremony gives the book more in depth understanding about trance dance, its origins and how it can help us to heal through the art of repetition.

Her work has expanded since writing this book, she now has two other books plus a poetry book and a set of Oracle Cards on offer.

This book is also now translated and available in Czech Republic, Kruh, Ohen a Fenix with Maitrea

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