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"Supporting clients to face the undercurrents of their stories & history in a kind, safe and non-judgemental way is one of the ways I choose to be in service. When we explore the underlying and unconscious patterns and behaviors that are in the 'driving seat'  of our lives, there is great liberation, often moved with deep feeling from the individual. Recognition of ones true self can leave us feeling quite vulnerable and so needs to be held within a 'safe container' of compassion and love. I use conversation, listening and meditation tools to unravel what needs to be healed which can include simple communication, movement, constellation, a drum beat and many traditional methods. Most importantly bringing awareness, kindness and love into the heart and body of the one who wishes to heal." Caroline Carey

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Therapeutic & Grounded Spirituality. Caroline offers one to one sessions, supporting clients to apply simple techniques, to embody and support emotional intelligence. She teaches self-awareness, the ability to self-regulate, with empathy for self and others and embody and use principled actions. This all helps to motivate us and bring who we really are into our everyday living, loosening inhibitions and addressing the lack of self esteem and/or negative patterns and habits .
There is no playing small in this world and Caroline has developed, through her own journey a way to look at our 'souls growth' through body, heart, mind and spirit. She believes that without creating a healthy relationship to ourselves, it is not possible to step into the ‘role' we were born to embody.
Caroline has worked for over thirty years in her chosen field, which has led her into being an international teacher/facilitator. She knows what it takes to know and grow our own particular offering, where it comes from and why we need to do what we are passionate about, she will support you with expert knowledge from her own experiences and what she has learnt from them.

Caroline offers Skype or Zoom online sessions at £60 for 50 minutes. Please contact here EMAIL

Or you can book a 30 minute telephone call for £35. EMAIL for details

"The view I have of Caroline is wise, dynamic, serving and unfolding. Being prepared to engage life as a gift and not duck the pain of the truth. Within each part of her personality the same ingredients of talent, ambition, fire and commitment are there." Victor Marino (Executive Coach Trainer, PCL, UK)

We cannot change the old stories we have lived, but we do not need to be still living them.

Telephone call 30 minutes £35,  50 minute Skype £60

*This years special - book and pay for 6 online 50 minute sessions upfront for a reduced price of £320*

Contact here for more information or to send some details about yourself and your needs. We can then schedule a time & date.

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If you would like a free 10 minute conversation with me, to see if this way of working might suit you,  please  EMAIL ME


Sylvia Habermayr wrote:  I really love the sessions with you!  I feel seen. I like your way of bringing things into practical daily business and I feel supported. Thank you very much for being who you are.

After many years of psychotherapy for the effects of extreme trauma; I had a profound experience that necessitated a vital need to take my inner work to a much deeper level of truth and transformation. When I chanced upon Caroline’s work I instinctively knew it held something vital that I needed. I could however not have envisaged or imagined how profound and blessed that chance coming upon her work would prove to be in terms of my own healing journey. She brings a rock solid strength and ability to hold and contain the deepest levels of pain and shame. She also brings total acceptance; compassion and extraordinary gentleness. This allows a level of safety that facilitates being able to truly heal the darkest places, and to speak the unspeakable. I am grateful beyond words to Caroline and her work. It is truly transformational.  Jane Bullen, South Africa.

Her unique gift of insight-fulness makes her a compassionate, direct and honest counselor, her perseverance to help clients discover the truth in all situations makes her work a great benefit to those who seek her guidance. Amy Wright (teacher)

 "A coaching session with Caroline is like walking into an Alchemic laboratory: by the end of it you are given the tools to transform yourself, to look at your life through different lenses and finally SEE the gold within. She helps you to dive into the AlcheMist[e]ry of your Essence, and she does it with the compassion and wisdom that comes from her deep connection to Mother Earth and to Source. Once more: thank you!" Silvana Rigobon. Teaching and Communication. Sch of Movement Medicine Participant.

 "I feel very safe, held and understood by her in a way that feels subtle yet undeniable.” Henrietta Dobson