Garden Yurt Counseling

Opportunity for Healing.

The yurt is available for one-to-one and small group work. It is a warm and cosy private space, near East Hill in Hastings.

It is here that Caroline supports clients to face the undercurrents of their stories & history in a kind, safe and non-judgemental way.

What are these sessions about?

When we explore and free up the underlying and unconscious patterns and behaviors that are in the 'driving seat' of our lives, there is great liberation, often moved with deep feeling from the individual.

Recognition of ones true self can leave us feeling quite vulnerable and so needs to be held within a 'safe container' of compassion. Caroline is known for her ability to hold a safe space where she uses conversation, listening and meditation tools to unravel what needs to change. This can also include simple movement, constellation process, a drum beat, writing, poetry, music and other traditional methods, most importantly bringing awareness, kindness and love into the heart and body of the one who wishes to heal.

By using movement and creativity, Caroline supports clients to become more embodied and find ways to support their own emotional intelligence. She teaches self-awareness and the ability to self-regulate.
Her techniques help to loosen inhibitions and address any lack of self esteem and/or negative habits. She has been offering one to one sessions as well as group work with up to a hundred people for 25 years in many different cultures, supporting those people to become embodied, which then increases motivation, creativity, alertness and self knowledge.
  • Deep inquiry and support with constellation
  • Enquiry through movement, personal expression and creativity
  • Therapeutic Movement/Dance for individuals and groups

For one-to-one work, therapeutic movement sessions and deep process, conflict resolutions for work and health issues, for individuals and relationships.

Feel free to book a session with Caroline by email, or call 0770 251 3679 to arrange a time and date. A session costs £60 per hour. (concessions are available) Longer sessions and bespoke sessions are available by request. One day sessions for work requiring more depth (5 hours) costs around £225. These sessions include integration time in nature and breaks for meals.

Held in Hastings, East Sussex BN35

To arrange a one-to-one, contact Caroline privately by calling: 0770 251 3679 or EMAIL