Garden Yurt Counselling

Therapeutic & grounded spirituality, healing and support.

Caroline offers one to one sessions, supporting clients to apply simple techniques, to embody and support emotional intelligence. She teaches self-awareness, the ability to self-regulate, with empathy for self and others and embody and use principled actions. This all helps to motivate us and bring who we really are into our everyday living, loosening inhibitions and addressing the lack of self esteem and/or negative patterns and habits .

For one-to-one work, therapeutic movement sessions and deep process, conflict resolutions for work and health issues, for individuals and relationships.

Held in Hastings, East Sussex BN35

  • Deep inquiry and support and/or constellation
  • Drumming & Shamanic Journey 
  • Mandorla process for individuals
  • Therapeutic Movement/Dance for individuals

A session with Caroline costs £60 per hour. Longer sessions and bespoke sessions are available by request. These can include time alone in nature.

To arrange a one-to-one, contact Caroline privately by calling: 0770 251 3679 or EMAIL