For the dancers, the freedom makers, the liberators of soul, the poets and celebrators, the magicians of our fold.

Underpinning all of Caroline's & Bens work is the life story of their dancing passions combined with the passion for shamanic theater skills and in rites of passage. Combined with The Hollow Bone Teachings, it includes a syllabus, a variety of teachings via journeying and the use of imagination as a portal to connect us to the spirit world, it is designed to support ongoing learning and empowerment for those who wish to discover and live more fully their own souls-purpose.

Following the 9 steps on the medicine wheel that has been created, amidst resources, archetypes, tools and life stages of the soul, there is an opportunity to design the program that will serve you the greatest and step more fully into your own personal empowerment.

Middle Earth Medicine Ways & Hollow Bone Teachings

Below is a list of particular gatherings that you can attend with Middle Earth. Including in these workshops and intensives are opportunities to explore the Medicine Wheel.

This particular body of work and animism, includes exploring shamanic journeys, middle-earth healing techniques, soul retrieval, movement medicine, drumming, vision quest, ecstatic dance, songs of the shaman, making and working with masks & medicine bags and discovering power animals & allies. It includes the dancer within us in connection to our own unique movement. No one needs to be a 'good' dancer, this dance is a simple way to explore the art of trance and the expansion of our consciousness.

We journey outwards to connect with the spiritual realm that lives in all things, we journey inwards to the depths of our soul, to engage with the inner dancer, the poet, the story teller, the artist and shape-shifter. Clearing space within us gives us the opportunity to channel the teachings and guidance of spirit/a power greater than ourselves or God.

Offering The Nine Stages of Life as Ritual

& the Descent of our Soul Work


 Syllabus 1-9 plus apprenticeship

1. The Journey

Learning the traditional shamanic journey for guidance and wisdom and for support. This course can be taken online if necessary. See Here  Levels 1 & 2 cover this gatherings requirement. There are also weekend workshops where the journey and dance are combined together.

2. The Wheel of Souls Return

This weekend workshop involves ecstatic dance, engaging with the elements and using a dancing process to access deeper knowledge and wisdom. In this field we learn how to protect our selves by accessing our own circle of support, connecting with the elements and getting to know the Middle Earth Medicine wheel.

3. The Oracle Of Repetition

Meta-Magic. Trance Dance, the disciplined principles and practices. A dynamic and exciting process to awaken us as dancers into the innate wisdom of the meta-intelligence that lies all around us, a dance that weaves together the magical and sometimes unexpected occurrences throughout our lives. In this workshop, we will use this approach of combining dance and movement, trance and repetition to explore our repeating patterns of behavior from the meta-perspective of the oracle field. Rather than seeing these patterns as ‘negative bad habits,’ we will learn to view them as illuminated messages that can show us how to find the medicine in what life presents to us rather than blaming everything and everyone else for our difficulties. Trance is ancient, it is stored in our DNA and can be tapped into easily and effectively by using some simple techniques and processes. It is a deep form of meditation, aligning us with the body, heart and mind to find a stronger connection with our soul/spirit. It is then we can focus our attention to receive guidance and understanding of our lives, at deep core levels. There is a tendency in this work to ‘space out’ and not be fully present in the process, so it takes discipline to enter a true state of embodied trance. Weekend workshops.

4. Hollow Bone & Creativity Cauldron

Shamanic warriors are able to deepen their work when they come into community together. Being creative together by making medicine masks and tools, using the oracle of shape shifting to empower lives and hearts this becomes empowerment for all. Dancing and using the oracle of the shape shifter to explore alter-egos and playing with the fine veils between the seen and the unseen, the nagual and the mundane, we can learn and understand how to shift our consciousness, moving out of the ego and rational mind for periods of time where we discover how to work with the divine power of the universe in a grounded and down-to-earth way and to be creative with our tasks. Shamanic course with three modules of five days each.

5. The Oracle of Medicine  (& finding your shamans song)

A medicine bag is an item that spiritually represents the person who wears it and is carried for guidance, healing and protection. It contains objects that represent spiritual and healing experiences throughout our lives. This is a place to give totems a home close to your heart. Making our own medicine bag is a process of illumination, to craft our own medicine container and understand the potency of what it is and what it carries. Creating this Oracle also gives us the opportunity to weave into it the shamans songs, sung from our heart but not in the ordinary way of singing. Our shifted state of consciousness in the 'singing sense' allow the songs to sing us. There is no need in this work to be able to sing in the normal ways. Traditionally, it is important to create the medicine bag yourself, finding its reflection and its song inside you and in the face you show to the world. Five day workshop.

6. The Oracle of The ShapeShifter

We all possess a shapeshifter, so learning to act from this place with the guidance of the hollow bone state inspires and enriches our life. The shapeshifter guides us through personal processes within the creation of our own ‘Oracle Field,’ where we explore the potential we hold as a human being. Guided to explore parts of ourself that have been or remain hidden, allows us to bring them to light. In this five day exploration you become the director of your own play of life, create theater as ritual, make and embody your own medicine mask, be the holy actor & sacred clown of ceremony and theater. Includes working outdoors, dance, voice and poetry. Five day workshop.

7. The Hollow Bone Wounded Healer  (optional)

This is for those wanting to explore working 1:1 in the shamanic field. Exploring the Hollow Bone state as healer, through our own personal process helps us understand how we can make changes to our life where we remove old energy that no longer serves us. We can also gather energy that serves to empower us. As a medicine man or woman we gather the knowledge of this energy and the tools of extraction medicine, soul retrieval, psycho-pomp work and other modalities. Putting our hands, our hearts and our tools to work, we share this offering of medicine with others. Intensive workshop. Only for those wanting to work 1:1. Five day workshop, not essential for the apprenticeship.

8. Hunting & The Vision Walk

The shamans world is as much about our connection with nature as working with our tools and practices. ‘Nature is the visible face of spirit.’ Spending time in nature for contemplation, focusing our intention on our walk, our deep listening and the observing of nature, we look for signs to assist us in our future work as shamanic warriors and healers. We can often discover medicine songs, poetry, stories and the requests from spirit and the creative force that lies within each one of us. The hunt will take us through the night-time and into the days ahead. Visioning in our life and purpose! Intensive workshop of five days, includes visioning through the night in nature.

9. Purpose, Light, Shadow & Death

Knowing our purpose and our medicine and how we might wish to offer it into the world means deeply acknowledging all that we are. In order to fully embrace our purpose, we must know our shadow, we must know the dreamer, we must know death. It is a way to embrace and accept who we are as a complete human being, who know themselves at a core level. Intensive workshop

Inauguration and accepting the Mantle. Ceremonys and rituals give us the opportunity to celebrate all of the tasks we have undertaken, a time to take on the responsibility of our offering in the world. Naming and creating at this important time assists us in truly stepping forward and becoming who we were born to be. Ceremony illuminates us, it casts a light so intensely upon us, that what ever truly needs to show up, will do so in these moments. Dark, light and shadow, there is no place to hide. Our intentions and stories become clear and are magnified a hundred fold in this place. Ceremonial practices and traditions are an important part of our culture, integrating us into mythology, spirituality and life. Taken during other intensive workshops prior to the apprenticeship.

Space Holder and Apprenticeship

The Middle Earth modules are a way for you to bring forward your own work and contribution, in order to bring your soul-purpose into practice. Once completed you can attend the two module Space Holder gatherings, to ensure you have all the necessary tools to hold a space for individuals and groups. These modules will be run by Caroline, Ben and their colleagues to support you fully on your medicine path. Please join our mailing list in order to receive updates on the timing of these modules and contact us if you have any questions. Peer support and mentoring is an essential part of the hollow bone work. Supervision from Caroline or others is a requirement when holding and working with the Hollow Bone, Middle Earth program. As an apprentice to Middle Earth Medicine, you will need to have attended and participated in the syllabus ( 1-9, see above)  and gained an understanding of the Medicine Wheel and the syllabus.

To then become a teacher/shamanic guide of this work you will need to work closely with Caroline, Ben and co workers, attending workshops to learn skills and discover/develop your own teaching tools. You will be training in the field of Middle Earth in order to hold the Hollow Bone mantel for others process and learning.   See this page for what is required during the apprenticeship.....  

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"Caroline Carey is a shamanic healer and teacher, who has dived deeply into the rich dark roots of the shamanic path and danced within its primal landscapes. I am very pleased that she has now chosen to share her skills in accessing the ecstatic abandonment that shamanism brings for healing and transformation: you are in good hands."  Simon Buxton - The Sacred Trust

Ben, your sense of authentic masculinity creates such a safe space, I love your passion for this work!  Jack Johnson



Other workshops available that include aspects of the work above.

Magic Of Mandorla

Working with movement, constellation and creativity to unravel and help heal inner and outer conflicts.

It is known as the most powerful of religious experiences we can have in life. Mandorla is the place of poetry “where the fire and the rose are one!” (four quartets; T.S Eliot)

The Oracle Of Yin

Humans often have a tendency to underestimate the power of Yin and the more subtle qualities of being  who we are. We can talk about Yin as being passive, receptive and dark. These descriptions are true but our interpretations of them can leave us with a sense of ‘victim’ and giving ourselves away, a morbid sense of ‘giving up’ can lie between what is true and what is our idea of true darkness and surrender. Exploring the shadow aspects of yin helps us to know where we might fall into default modes, when our yin energy is not fully empowered.

Snake Medicine   Evoking the mysteries of the ancient with modern day practice. Releasing the outer skin of present identity.

Soul Action     What is your soul purpose? Activating empowerment & purpose.

A Deeper Knowing      Shamanic journeys, dance and meditation's. Gathering our tools.

Ancestral Elements       We are the Ancestors of the future...How would WE like to be remembered? An elemental  dance and constellation process that leads us to powerful healing.

Meeting The Wild     Mapping our journeys and finding our tools.   In the wilds of nature and beyond.

Creature Unveiled      A dance on the wild side. shamanic guidance and connection to power animals and allies.

SHE for Women

SHE Journeys Deeper;

ongoing group for women. Who are we as wise women, living in this new world, where traditions are sometimes lost and we are having to create new ways and rituals to hold onto the missing links of our ancestry and heritage? As shamanic and dancing warriors are we prepared to listen to the call from within and connect to the sometimes lost roots of our cultures?
Within our time together we will explore the threads of wisdom that flow through us and between us, learning new and old ways to connect with our innate shamanic feminine lineages.
These ways are not prescriptive and fixed in any one tradition, but ways that you know intimately yourself, if not a little hidden from present-view.
These are the unravellings you will be able to explore, for they are your own offerings to life and to the people of your communities.
With projects and mentoring, you will be supported to find your own medicine bags, tools, and wise woman ways.

SHE workshops worldwide

There are dances to be danced, words to be shared. Women coming together to share their hearts and longings to be seen fully for who they really are.   Includes  'SHE is Ritual'  'SHE is Wild'  SHE is a soul free of shame'  'Who is SHE?'      'Rite of Passage' women's gatherings

Heart Matters

A gentle & deep exploration into the medicine of emotional healing. Using emotional intelligence to dance and awaken the mind, body and soul, we will be working with the Movement Medicine map of the chambers of the heart. They are the domains of Awakening, Integrity, Surrender, and Gratitude. We will explore what it means to really awaken our hearts with passion, love and acceptance as well as a deep sense of forgiveness and gratitude as we embrace the domain of grace and the wise elder within us.

The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix

As the dance unfolds we will create our own communal circle of energy, embracing our masculine and feminine energies, allowing them to support us as we dance into the center of the circles creativity, where healing can be received.

Passion Unlimited

Intensify your life, open up a gateway to deep feelings and a possibility of renewal. Play with the thin veils between exhilarating joy and heart opening deep release. Look into the dark in order to embrace the light!

My Body My Home    A gathering of women who have experienced sexual abuse.

Captivate Communicate Create      with Caroline Carey & Ben Cole      The opportunity to see yourself relaxed and centered. Creating a clear self-awareness, so that you deliver your message effectively, expressing yourself in a powerful and authentic way.

Soul Action

What is your soul purpose? Activating empowerment & purpose.

A Deeper Knowing

Shamanic journeys, dance and meditation's. Gathering our tools.

Ancestral Elements

We are the Ancestors of the future...How would WE like to be remembered? An elemental  dance and constellation process that leads us to powerful healing.

Ferocious Devotion
Cave of Intelligence

See the calendar for more details on gatherings and workshops and when they take place. To be on the mailing list and receive regular updates of the work, please sign up to our mailing list ->