Have you ever considered a teacher training to hold dance classes for your community?
My dance offerings began over twenty two years ago, with 5 Rhythms classes in West Cork and then Cork City. I branched out to many other cities and countries around the world, offering the dance as a 5 Rhythms Teacher and then a Movement Medicine teacher.
Now as I immerse myself more fully into my own offerings and soul-purpose, I hold my own particular work which I now know to be my souls calling and what has woven itself from the story of my own life.
It started as a child with dance, continued throughout my life with dance and began to include in it, its own formats and particular medicine, its own creative tools and became the offering that was my gift now to make to others.
Holding space for communities and individuals is what has helped me to see what is mine to do, much more clearly. The love of this work has become more and more apparent over those twenty two years until it evolved into Middle Earth Medicine, the body of work I now know to be mine to be offering.
I found the healing I needed through the dance and I found the body of work that was mine to do through the dance.
This year I am beginning to open up my own work to include others as apprentices and trainees. We will work together and alongside each other, growing a community of fellow dancers and space holders, eager to bring the dance more fully to their communities.
I am excited to share this particular path and to journey with our future teachers through the dance, through the ‘light and the dark’ of their own journey, to witness them making their own offering of the dance themselves and supporting the growth of what is theirs to do.
What is important is that we recognise the power of the dance and how it can affect ourselves and others. We need to hold the space with integrity and a deeper knowing of our own journey. This we can gain through the experience of standing in the light of our own Mandorla, the Vesicus Pisces, being able to see our strengths and our weaknesses, what holds us back and what is clearly our souls purpose to do?
What is needed, from you for this, knowing that the dance is deeply evocative, healing and life-changing?
Questions to ask…..
Do I have….
  • A love and a desire to share the dance with others?
  • An understanding of music as medicine for the body and soul?
  • An ability to hold a safe space for others, both emotionally and physically?
  • A healthy experience of what it takes to journey with the dance?
  • Do I have the experience of diving into the deeply moving and healing spaces that the dance evokes?
  • Can I open my heart to every experience that the dance reveals?
  • Can I keep moving without shutting down, without dissociating, without becoming distracted?
  • Do I know what music works for particular emotions?
And the most important question:
  • Have I been to the places that others might visit in the dance, knowing I can safely guide them back?
These are some of the questions I am asking as part of this new apprenticeship program. You may have a love of the dance and really want to share it, but need to have the teacher/space holder requirements to deepen and strengthen that ability.
In this training, you will experience support to stand in the centre of your own offering, learn to hold a safe, spiritually guided space for others, combined with creativity and embodiment through dance.
You will learn the importance of music as a healer and how to DJ skillfully. You will receive support to embody your own innate passion as an offering for others.
What do I need in order to qualify for this apprenticeship?
  • Two years of conscious dance practice
  • Attended MEM weekend workshops and/or classes
  • Attend minimum of two MEM intensives
  • Attend ‘Magic Of Mandorla Intensive’
  • Study of our Medicine Wheel (can be via webinars monthly)
During the apprenticeship you will need to:
  • Attend two intensive apprenticeship gatherings
  • Assist on a minimum of three intensives with Caroline
  • Receive supervision
  • Work with peers
  • Create a personal offering for your community
You will receive continued on-going supervision, peer-group support and participate in webinars and teacher gatherings.
If you would like to know more about this training please visit this website. You can also write to me privately or send via website.
There will be opportunities to train to teach the work of the Mandorla constellations and intensives in due course. This will be ongoing study held by Caroline and apprentices over two to three years.
Please contact EMAIL for further enquiries. To receive regular updates on Caroline’s work, please sign up to the mailing list on website.
The Middle Earth syllabus is a way for you to bring forward your own contribution, in order to bring your soul -purpose into practice.
Peer support and mentoring is an essential part of this work. Supervision from Caroline is available whilst taking part in the program or for individuals seeking personal development and support.
Assisting at Intensives and workshops. Once you have decided this apprenticeship is for you, please send in your application with a £99 payment. (This shows your commitment to begin this process with us.) Once received and accepted, you will be invited to online meetings and you will be able to attend intensives as ‘apprentice assistants.’ During these intensives, you will be given particular tasks to accomplish and also given time to discuss the holding of space and the various ways we support others. There will also be opportunities to share your own experiences, to play music for movement and to learn some of the more subtle requirements of leadership.
To be on the mailing list specifically for apprenticeship please send a paragraph about yourself, the work you have already completed and why you might be interested in a training program, send to EMAIL
We look forward to hearing from you and receiving you into further study. Once applied for, we will begin a conversation to explore with you, your personal needs on this path.
There are a maximum of 12 available places on this training. If you require a place please send your application as soon as possible with your application fee of £99. This fee includes one skype session.
Costs and fees. Application fee £99. (non refundable) Cost of Space Holder 1st module 9 days – £1,800. 2nd 5 day Module £900. Mentoring: £55 per session. These fees also include regular webinars.
What do I get if I complete the Middle Earth Medicine Space Holder Process?
If you complete all requirements of the Space Holder modules and your work is acceptable and congruent with our ethics and principles, you will be listed as a Space Holder of Middle Earth Medicine, be included on our website and members calendar and supported to hold your own work. You will have access to regular webinars and meetings to support your practice and offerings and be able to attend space holder retreats yearly.
Please note you will be expected to have your own insurance and hold a first aid certificate to be sharing the dance with others.
When attending the three intensive courses as apprentices/assistants the cost is 40% of the course fee.
The next Space Holder Modules begin in September 2019 at the Earth Spirit Center. Please ensure you have applied for your place well in advance, begun your online sessions with Caroline and fulfilled the prerequisites or booked for the coming ones.
Accommodation and food is not included in the training prices. There are various options.
The venue offers a range of different accommodation options to please your personal needs: All rates are full board with organic, vegetarian (60% vegan) meals.
Fully vegan or other dietary needs on request for a supplement.
This also includes hot drinks all day and hot tub. More info on request.
For accommodation at the Earth Spirit Center see link below.
Please note, this is the first training offered. The aim is to create a larger training in time. It is expected that the core trainees/apprentices from the first, will have active roles in the following trainings, as our community grows.
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