‘Middle Earth Wisdom’ – Book & Cards

Middle Earth Wisdom – from Innocence to Sovereignty, is a handbook for anyone who wakes up one morning and hears the words, “All right! Enough of that! Time for a new life! But what?” Caroline Carey takes you on a journey from the cradle to beyond, planting seeds of inspiration and opening doors of possibility you knew were there, but didn’t know where to look. Go ahead! Look! Jonathan Horwitz, Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies

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This is a call to awaken, to embody our true nature.

In this book, Caroline takes the reader on a quest of soul retrieval. She weaves elements of her own personal story, traversing decades of study, dance and creativity, with her understanding of a collective innocence that knows pain and longing, calling us all to deepen the exploration of our inner life and mystery.

Many of us are on a quest to heal what has been broken. So how might we fulfill that quest? 

This book offers a map for the quest, that supports our individual process as we embark on the journey of reconnecting to our true nature ~ the place where the union of soul & ego can live in the REAL world.

It is often in the language of the poet, the heart of the dancer, the hunger of the artist wherein lies a sensitivity and a melancholic spirit – deep in the bones, held tightly in the muscles or shrouded in trauma that is hard to heal. Left to consume more of the horror that has grabbed his or her arm, it creates isolation from community and purpose, detaching itself from serenity.’

Yes, this is for you my brothers and sisters. This is for you.

Middle Earth Medicine Oracle, the book to accompany the cards.

Taking the journey with Middle Earth Wisdom, we discover that hidden in our own darkness, there is a shining light – representing the union of soul & ego, and the presence of our own Sovereign. This is our birth right and one that we are being called to reclaim in these times.

We find out who we are!

For the dancers, the freedom makers, the liberators of soul, the poets and celebrators, the magicians of our fold.’

In essence Middle Earth Wisdom is a spell to create connection and meaning through ancient ritual and ceremony. Caroline Carey’s marathon stream of consciousness suggests your true self and soul purpose are revealed in the process of acknowledging and addressing your shadow. In collaboration with artist, Brenda May, ‘medicine cards’, assist your individual journey. The writing often delivers its magic choreographically rather than literally. Free yourself from expecting received grammar to open up and rule a world of possibilities! David McAdam Freud, Artist https://www.dantzig.uk/david-freud/

In her new book Caroline Carey is on a quest for meaning and identity and shares insight and honest stories from her journey. Chris Luttichau, author of Calling Us Home, and Spirit Animal Guides.

The Outer Realms

The Gathering, Deeper Knowing & The Offering

The book and model of work is written by Caroline Carey, the information of which you can find more about in this website and in the book, where Caroline shares her personal story with finding the wheel and where the ‘Magic Of Mandorla’ has been an integral part of her life. The Magic Of Mandorla is at the core of all of Caroline’s work, namely because it was a big part of her own life story and through that story of finding it, she had to live a particular process, one that took many years. The Wheel of Souls Return is that story shared, to help others find ‘their’ particular vocation in life. Alongside the book are 52 Oracle Cards, beautifully and individually hand painted by Brenda May.

The Overseers

The Hunter Gatherer, The Warrior & Ally, The Magician & Priestess

Middle Earth Medicine Ways is an art form. It is for the creatives who are inspired and successful in their art, to help them gain a better understanding of that particular arts spiritual journey, as well as for those who may have become lost in their need to express, to resource themselves with inspiration, those who have entered too many times into a darkened place of despair, those who long to shine yet have no idea how to bring their light into the world.

The journey from innocence to sovereignty is at the root of this work, to reclaim that broken innocence, to begin to bring home the light of the soul, to embody our true purpose and become the sovereign we were born as.

Asking the question ‘Who am I’ lingers in the one who longs to know. And here we just might find out…

For this is soul-retrieval for our times in this world.

Brenda and Caroline have worked together to come up with the 52 cards, each representing a part of the Middle Earth Medicine Wheels journey of soul retrieval. Brenda is Caroline’s mother in-law.

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