Embodying our purpose.

I invite you to journey with me into the depths of your own heart, into the profundity of your own life experience and to dance yourself free of limitations by exploring archetypes, life stages, tools and a host of resources, letting go of limiting beliefs about yourself and accessing a greater wisdom that is your birthright. Together we can conjure the necessary requirements for personal empowerment, so you can become the Sovereign you were born to be.

We use meditations in movement, ecstatic dance, ritual-theater, creativity and community sharing, plus a range of themes that empower the soul.

Whether you wish to deepen your understanding of your own purpose and skills, or whether you would like to share movement/dance sessions or shamanic processes or one to one work with others, then working with and alongside Caroline may be the process that is right for you.

Together we learn to support ourselves and to support others, in finding their greatest potential and their fullest purpose in life. This is both healing and liberating for everyone and especially empowering and healing for ourselves. It is here we learn about who we really are and what it is we are here to do.

We work together by apprenticing on workshops and gatherings and taking part in the sharing of the work and its teachings. You can join as us a student of this work, or take a deeper dive into apprenticeship.

There are 12 apprentice places at any one time.

The Middle Earth Medicine Wheel & The Workshops

The Syllabus of Middle Earth Medicine.

The Gathering, Deeper Knowing and The Offering

These are the Outer Realms of the work being done on a Soul level, when we engage on the inner ‘work’ segments. Our aim is to empower the major archetype qualities in our lives. (Hunter Gatherer, Warrior-Ally, Magician-Priestess)

The workshops we then do, reflect this;

  • The Seer, central space of our soul work (Mandorla)
  • The Work, minor arcana. The dwellings, the life stages, the archetypes, the resources and the tools.
  • The Over-Seers, major arcana.   Hunter-Gatherer, Warrior-Ally, Priestess-Magician

The Seer workshop is

  • The Mandorla (weekend)

The Work workshops are;

  •       ‘Beyond The Veil’
  •       'Reclaimed Innocence’
  •       'Meeting The Wild’
  •       'Heart Matters' / 'Cave Of Intelligence’
  •       Oracle Of Medicine (medicine bags)
  •       The Oracle Of The Shapeshifter
  •       'The Body Oracle’
  •       ‘The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix’

The Over-Seers workshops, which are intensives of five days, are;

  • Oracle Of Dance  (Hunter Gatherer, knowing our life story)
  • ‘The Fabric Of My Soul’  (Warrior & Ally, creating and manifesting)
  • Magic Of Mandorla Intensive (Magician & Priestess, becoming our medicine)

The Training - Symbolized by  'The Gathering, Deeper Knowing and The Offering'

  • Apprenticeship
  • Inauguration Ceremony
  • Hunting & The Vision Walk


Have you ever considered a training to hold dance classes, (or other creative offerings) for your community?

"Caroline Carey is a shamanic healer and teacher, who has dived deeply into the rich dark roots of the shamanic path and danced within its primal landscapes. I am very pleased that she has now chosen to share her skills in accessing the ecstatic abandonment that shamanism brings for healing and transformation: you are in good hands."  Simon Buxton - The Sacred Trust