Unveiling Trauma - Innocence to Sovereignty

03apr1:45 pm5:00 pmUnveiling Trauma - Innocence to Sovereigntya creative exploration to learn embodiment despite our wounds

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A Creative Exploration To Learn Embodiment Despite Our Wounds.

An online workshop with Caroline and others, sharing and deepening our understanding of trauma and where it originally comes from and how creativity can support us by helping to change the patterns we may be too familiar with.

This workshop will be held on the Zoom platform, with breaks from computer screen as well as individual break-out room sharing.

Saturday 3rd April, 1.45pm – 5pm. £65. To BOOK ONLINE see bottom of this page.


Caroline is a certified counsellor, movement coach
and workshop facilitator for over twenty years. She is a mother & a grandmother a published writer and a trauma survivor.

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What is this workshop about?

Trauma happens during or after extreme experiences like accidents, abuse, neglect or shock. The body and what it feels at that time is likely to shut down and a part of us literally become dissociated. There is soul-loss.

How we then react or act-out after experiencing those events, depends on the individual. Some of us run away, some freeze or go numb, some fight, some go into heightened states of control, hyper-vigilance and many other patterns of behavior.

These behaviors continue through our lives from the age that the trauma first happened, they become our coping mechanisms in life. They are particularly active when there is a  re-experiencing of the past or feeling the emotions that went with that challenging experience. We learn to protect ourselves from re-visiting the past which has for many years been necessary.

How can creativity support us when there has been trauma in our lives?

One of the journeys we take through ‘The Wheel Of Souls Return’ is to explore the traumatic experiences in a safe environment with others, to tell their story and to find the support necessary. We allow our feelings and emotions to be heard and witnessed. We learn what has become over familiar to us, yet is no longer of service to us, since that trauma first happened.

Taking gradual steps through the process of healing our wounds, we find ourselves reclaiming those parts of us that have dissipated or shut down. For example, reclaiming our self-esteem which has either become dysfunctional or overactive. We might find ourselves regaining more confidence, or humbling ourselves rather than acting out our grandiosity. We might lessen our control of others. We might recognise that we have talents we no longer need to hide!

For some it is a long journey, that takes time and patience. For some trauma is healed via an awakening moment, often preceding what we call a ‘dark night of the soul’,  which if held with safety, knowledge and careful understanding with someone who can navigate this dark night – can and indeed does unveil some of the depth of our innate and creative intelligence. Those who have experienced this dark night themselves are often the best guides for this dark night exploration.

With out this reclaiming, we can find it hard to live in a world where we do not re-act from the past.

When we do the work to reclaim what is lost, we can find a deeper sense of connection to our life story and its true value.

In this workshop, Caroline Carey explores how ‘The Wheel Of Souls Return,’ a journey from Innocence to Sovereignty, can help us to be creative with our stories in a gentle way to uncover the truth, face the underlying traumas and remind us of our innate Sovereignty.

This is an opportunity to explore how this process works for those in challenged situations, as well as be a learning opportunity for those who work with trauma, to help others recover through creative guidance.

You are welcome to join us. To book your place you can pay your £65 HERE

This workshop will be held on Zoom platform, lease make your booking via PayPal or CONTACT for bank transfer info if you prefer.


April 3, 2021 1:45 pm - 5:00 pm(GMT+00:00)



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£65 for this workshop with Caroline and group participation

£65 for this online workshop with Caroline

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