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october, 2020

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08oct(oct 8)7:30 pm21jan(jan 21)9:00 pmThe Wheel Of Souls Return - Group Processonline course (october 8) 7:30 pm - (january 21) 9:00 pm Online

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This course is now fully booked and underway. A new group will begin in January. Bookings taken in December.
If you are someone who is seeking your true purpose, if you have lost your way in this present climate, or if you feel a sense that something is missing in your life and you feel unfulfilled, then you may find that taking this journey is for you.
You may also wish to learn and understand a new model of work that can highlight your talents and abilities, helping you to recognise your true nature.
What happens in this group process?
We begin with an introduction session and then journey around the wheel together over 12 sessions, receiving support and encouraging each other to take the next vital steps.
Altogether it is a 13 week course. Thursdays 7.30pm – 9pm Uk time. All welcome. The sessions will be held on Zoom platform. Any sessions that fall on public holidays, will be carried to the following week.
We will meet once a week. Engaging with and sharing on a segment of the wheel, deepening our understanding of it and how our life is affected at this point of discovery.
Each session is 90 minutes and homework will be offered. We will also have a Facebook group.
Please enquire if you would like to join the next series of
meetings and group work. EMAIL
There will be a recording of each session, so that it can be referred back to and that anyone not able to make that particular week, will be able to still get the information shared. These recordings will ONLY be available to the group.
More about Soul Retrieval and The role of The Wheel
The process of ‘The Wheel Of Souls Return’ takes us on a journey of soul retrieval.
Soul Retrieval is what has been understood as the remedy for soul-loss. The very thing that has created the need for a dark night of the soul. It can appear as a lack of self-esteem, lack of joy, cynicism, dullness of character or a general feeling of unworthiness.
This may have been brought about originally by trauma or abuse, (physical or emotional.) It may be through conditioning or neglect.
The process we undergo takes us on a path to reveal what is old, to make meaning from its story, to create with it as it informs us of who we ‘really’ are. We find our way back to true Sovereignty.

If you have ever experienced depression or a dark past that you know needs exploring, that you know needs some healing or has brought you to a place in life that leaves you displaced, addicted, lost or obsessive in thoughts. Then chances are you have experienced a ‘dark night of the soul.’ The purpose of this is often to wake us up, helping us to tap into something deeply meaningful, possibly part of an old story that needs clearing.

But too often in our society we do not have the support to manage this, we struggle to ask for help or even know where to go for help!
Lost is the deeper understanding that this dark night offers to us. It is a spiritual process and is not easy to manage, nor does it need to be. At times it can totally rock our boat and leave us desperate and insecure. It can enable us to follow addictive habits and reach out to people, organisations or places that do not really serve us.
This particular method has 3 stages;
  • Identifying your life story in ‘The Gathering.’ 
  • Understanding and creating from it on a deeper level, with ‘Deeper Knowing.’ 
  • Healing and bringing to the light what you find with ‘The Offering.’
It is a personal development journey working with our own story, sharing with others and hands on creativity. It is a bringing together of body, heart, mind and soul with spiritual depth and holds knowledge of the bigger picture. It is with this that we learn about what it is we are here to do and to bring to others, from a place other than ego.
The wheel depicts 5 stages and segments of the wheel and includes:
  • Dwellings 
  • Stages of Life
  • Archetypes 
  • Resources 
  • Tools
There are 13 archetypes to explore, embody and resource ourselves with as well as tools that enhance our personal growth.
It is a simple process, it invites you to be honest with yourself, to do the inner and outer work on yourself that may have been avoided or simply unconscious over time. It calls you to awaken to your potential and it supports you to have the courage you might need to step out from the shadows and allow yourself to take part in this journey fully!
You begin to understand the path you have been on and why. Why it may have been necessary to reach that dark night, and what you can do about it to turn things around and claim your sovereign birth-right.
Please enquire if you would like to join the next series of
meetings and group work. EMAIL
Payment details below.


October 8 (Thursday) 7:30 pm - January 21 (Thursday) 9:00 pm




Deposit to join the group £25. Sliding scale £17 – £25 per session or £195 for all sessions upfront.

Deposit to join the group £25. Sliding scale £17 - £25 per session or £195 for all sessions upfront.



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6 thoughts on “The Wheel Of Souls Return – Group Process

  • Amanda Bjorvik

    Hello! I am very interested in your live workshops but unfortunately I’m in the US and you are 8 hours ahead of me. Is 10am your usual set time? I was looking at your next one on the 1st but I would have to get up at 2 am and as a mom of little hobbits, I don’t see this happening lol. I wasn’t sure if you record for those not able to meet at that time from other countries?
    Amanda Bjorvik

  • Shobhna Lowe

    Hiya beautiful soul
    I got your details from nikki. I am fascinated by the idea of the workshop. I am not able to access the first session as I have committed to a dance workshop.
    Would love to join the series of sessions though I am not liking the idea of creating art?!! Initial thoughts.
    Love and light shobsxx

    • Caroline Carey Post author

      Hello Shobhna,
      Thank you fr being in touch, provided you have signed up for the course then missing the first one is possible but not ideal of course. Regards the art, I wouldn’t let that limit you 😉
      Much love Caroline

  • Amaia Bidásolo

    Hello Caroline. Your feed in IG is one of the few I am sincerely called to. I am also looking curiously at the group you are creating. But although would be great to be a part of it, English is not mother tongue and I would do nothing except from listen and try to learn from the other participants. My life is now getting close to what my soul was longing, I am living in the country.
    Sending best of luck, and support at it. Best. Amaia