The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix - Prague, Czech Repub

28feb01marThe Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix - Prague, Czech Repub

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Stepping into the unknown, we dance to see what we might find. To explore the possibilities, to set our intentions without knowing what will unfold and without making any plans… sometimes we meet with a challenge, sometimes an encouragement; that is part  of the unfolding, sometimes we meet with the deepest joy and  sometimes we visit old stories that long to be listened to and 
given that moment’s attention….sometimes we simply make love to the mystery…
Our Mandorla work with its traditions in storytelling, creativity and dance, symbolises and offers a visual representation of the concept of wholeness, which arises from the balanced interplay of two opposing forces. In this work our focus is on the dark, feminine receptive, yin principle and the light, masculine active yang principle.
We can witness the play of these two forces within ourselves. How we relate to these two aspects and the extent to which they are in balance, will be mirrored in the degree of harmony we experience in our outer lives.
Caroline offers her dance workshop “The Circle, The Fire and The Phoenix” as an interplay between the forces of light and dark, of masculine and feminine. We will hold a strong circle of energy together, for deep release & the union of these polarities. At this core level of our work, anything can happen and the exciting part is, you get to be the choreographer of your own empowerment and experience.
“When we can drop the masks of who we, or others, think we ought to be and connect with our own Phoenix from the flames, there is liberation and freedom.
You are welcome to join us what ever your experience.


February 28, 2020 7:00 pm - March 1, 2020 5:00 pm Prague(GMT+00:00)



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