Drop in Sessions & Evenings

Alchemy In Movement

Evenings of 'Alchemy In – Movement Medicine' with Caroline Carey

 Monday evening 13th & 20th in Totnes, 7.30pm - 9.45pm, Civic Hall.

Future evenings to include;

What aspects of your life are calling for your attention? What are the next steps you need to take? How can you call in the support you need to move forward in a fun and inspiring way?

Whatever the questions you are living with right now, Alchemy In Movement provides a held space in which you can drop deeply into yourself to find the answers, the medicine and the healing that you need at this time.
Developed out of Caroline’s 20 years of studying and teaching Movement Medicine, 5Rhythms and shamanism, ‘Alchemy In – Movement Medicine’ is a unique body-based movement meditation practice that draws upon and synthesises elements of ritual, meditation, ecstatic dance and the shamanic worlds.

Caroline will create a safe field in which you can explore your emotions, open up to the full possibilities of your dance at this time and connect to the spirit of dance and what that means to you. You will be sharing this journey with a strong circle of committed dancers, supporting each other along the way.

Session 1: Dancing the Elements.  In this introductory session, we will use embodied ecstatic dance and meditation practices to explore the nature and qualities of the five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether – and discover the support that they can offer you in your life right now. (Drop-in session)

Session 2: Medicine Dance.  In this session we will dive deeply into the realms of the human heart and psyche, using free movement, meditation and personal process in connection to ourselves and others, to give embodied expression to whatever is moving in our inner world at this time. (Drop-in session)

Session 3: Oracle of Repetition. In this session, we will journey deeper with the practices learnt in previous sessions, moving beyond some of our limitations to enter into conscious relationship with the Great Mystery that enfolds us. To do this, we will use the repetition of movement and beat to shift into a state of embodied trance that connects us to the source of our deepest knowing – the wisdom of soul. (To take part in this session, please ensure you have taken part in one or both of the previous sessions.)

Sessions 1 and 2 are drop-ins; session 3 requires attendance at one or more of the previous sessions.
Dates: To be confirmed.
Times: 7.30–9.45pm.
Location: To be confirmed.

Caroline Carey is an experienced guide of Movement Medicine, a coach and mentor. Her approach is both gentle and passionate. She creates a strong container in which you are safe to journey within yourself at a pace that is right for you. She is also available for 1: 1 sessions.