Soul Free Of Shame


If we are brave enough to take courage, swim from those shores and at the same time face our shame, we open up possibilities of incredible creativity. We invite it in, to show us who we really are.

Often the fear is there because I do not want to feel humiliation and shame. Better to stay small and quiet, not speak out than have to face some of those unbelievably painful issues. The red blushing face, the feelings of being humiliated by others, the gossip that may spew forth. The deadening sensations in the pit of the stomach even the sensation of near vomiting. And then there is the hope that no one has noticed this shame, as the face distorts while trying to hide the truth of what is being felt. But it is too late and those feelings begin to seep into the consciousness like a wave that empties itself out of the ocean depths.

from ‘The Circle, the Fire & the Phoenix’ by Caroline. Available on Amazon.

I know that shame exists in many of us, me included. We feel guilt over something we have done and we feel shame because we feel ourselves to be wrong. I believe that though they may be difficult to deal with they are great teachers in the art of humility and being humble. They are both extraordinary pathways into feeling deep into the core of ourselves and the teachings that come from that. They can take us out of body too easily, cause dysfunctions and addictions, but ‘spoken’ to with care and tenderness they will show us deeply who we are, offering many gifts in the form of love and compassion for ourselves and others.

How do we react to and become friends with our shame?

 Caroline will explore with you the areas of shame that we feel in our hearts. Whatever the story, where ever it comes from, there is a dance of healing to be danced.

Join us for a weekend to take apart gradually, the stories we carry around shame, and see if we can gently unfold the edges to look within and to be kind to those parts of us that need a little more light.

 Workshop coming soon or please be in touch if you wish to bring this work to your community

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