Levels of Study With Middle Earth Medicine

Level 1 - Discover Your Soul - Three Saturday Morning Workshops (Online)

  • Understand the meaning of your core-wound
  • Unravel your negative beliefs
  • Reclaim what has been missing.
  • Know how to implement your soul purpose. MORE INFO


Level 2 - Soul Retrieval - 13 week group process course (Online)

We are working with ancient spiritual techniques  traditionally known as soul-retrieval, with equally suited more modern day experiences of personal-development and creativity. A weekly course to support your understanding of soul retrieval to grow your intentions, discover your purpose and embody your soul.  MORE INFO


Closeup of man eye-India

Level 3 - Deepening The Return - Ten Month Course (Online)

For those who have begun an exploration of the wheel and wish to take a deeper online journey, you are welcome to join us on this 10 month course of personal development, which includes group process, monthly tasks, questionnaires and fact finding exercises.   MORE INFO


Level 4 - Captivate-Communicate-Create  Intensive

Having discovered your souls calling, how do you now bring it to the world with skills around sharing your voice, presenting yourself and marketing. We offer specific ethical skills to set you up in your own work, business or promotions, to bring your talent/gift to your community.  Our workshops 'Captivate-Communicate-Create' and 'In-Sight' are unique offerings, guiding people into embodied, authentic, ethical and powerful presentations much needed for online work and film.   MORE INFO


Middle Earth Medicine Apprenticeship

Group Processes, Conscious Dance, Movement Meditations, Mentoring. Shamanic Skills, Creative Projects. Discover your offering, bring it to the world and be known fully for who you are.  MORE INFO


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