Snake Medicine & the Seer

Snake Medicine

Releasing the outer skin of present identity can be a fearful concept, sometimes it is preferable to stay the same way even if stuck or in a rut, rather than experience unfamiliarity or discomfort. Old patterns are safe and reliable, yet static and fixed.

I teach the progress of the snake shedding its skin as a metaphor for how we can gently and effectively make changes in our present lives. Taking most of these teachings from the study of 'Alchemy' a Mexican black kingsnake. You will experience deep states of trance and meditation & simple movement as well as ritual. You will learn to be a storyteller of your own truth and the journeys you experience.

Stepping into the center
‏of the old story
‏I become aware of the ashes
‏they feel old
‏crumbling away from the broken pieces of my life
‏dust settling in all directions
‏blown in the wind and disappearing
‏into nothingness
‏soft in its texture
‏becoming like mist

‏can I look inward any more?

‏I struggle to see
‏what was that passing by?
‏a flicker in my mind
‏a memory
‏calling in the Eagle

‏breath in new life she says

‏The struggle needed the fire
‏the anger needed the fire
‏and the soft shells of sadness
‏the delicate tender moments
‏needed to slither like the snake
‏slowly and cleanly
‏moving out of its skin
‏never looking back

‏The gentleness and the fierceness
‏the yin the yang
‏the moon the sun
‏they each have their place
‏as they fall in love with each other
‏deeply into the embrace of what it means
‏to be this human

‏And fluid waters cleanse
‏renew and continue their journey
‏following the river of life
‏back to the ocean
‏back to the depths from where they came from

‏They know their path

‏stretching wings
‏reaching up and out of the flames
‏the Snake and Phoenix dance together
‏new heights to be reached
‏new songs to be sung

‏Calling back the essential energy
‏once was lost
‏no more
‏it finds its home
‏deep in the heart of each cell
‏in this body

‏and others begin this dance

‏Watching with Eagle eye

‏the elemental forces
‏at work
‏as each wise elder looks on
‏with intelligent compassion
‏knowing how necessary
‏the need to hurt
‏the need to cry
‏the need to heal

the soul is set free

‏Phoenix and Serpent wrapped in each other’s embrace
‏they are united
‏connected to the staff
‏the crystal
‏the healing energy that dances
‏powerful in its love-making
‏a garden within the skies
‏a mystery of the unknown
‏a place
‏where life’s begun

they ride the wind together