The Oracle of Repetition

The Oracle Of Repetition

Our time together will be in the exploration of movement and dance that induces states of trance. We will work with the energy of the elements, to support our connections and with different kinds of music and rhythms/beats understand how the differences can affect our mind and our vision, meditation, resting and sleeping and gives us much more information on how the brain actually works. 

We will sometimes work with a blindfold as well as without, in darkness as well as in light. We will explore the use of movement, particularly of the hips and lower chakras, to create the kundalini energy necessary for expanding our consciousness. This will also help us to open our heart and throat areas to bring awareness of the sounds we make and to induce healing of our hearts and voices. 

The dance of trance is still practiced by San communities in the Kalahari region, it is an indigenous ritual by which a state of altered consciousness is achieved through rhythmic movement and dancing and breath-work. They are known as 'dancing doctors' where the dance is used for healing sickness in individuals and healing negative aspects of the community as a whole. Having experienced this dance and also through her own experience of ecstatic dance for a life time, Caroline takes us on journeys to see and feel how this 'dancing art' can affect us in the western world. What are its uses and are we trying to replicate this in more modern ways? 

 Once we are engaged in this dance and understanding its healing benefits, we will find ways to use it to mirror the repetitive patterns in our lives, this explores the possibilities of facing our shadows and making the change that requires determination, focus and clear direction. We will work with brain waves to induce a connection with repeating patterns of behaviour, that lead to more self awareness, thus relieving ourselves of negative influences that no longer serve us.

The dance of repetition is a powerful experience, one that is connected to the shamanic journey, to visioning and to seeking wisdom and clarity in all our affairs. It is used to heal symptoms in the body by aligning meridians and power points. We learn how to use the journey as a resource for living.

This is a deep immersion into trance dance, to enable us to ‘rest’ in this Oracle field and be able to receive its wisdom.

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