Meta ~ Magic

' Meta – The Pattern That Connects’ – Gregory Bateson
‘Repetition is the mother of skill.’ – Anthony Robbins
‘The Oracle: an agency considered to provide wise counsel, prophetic predictions and precognition of the future, inspired by the gods; a form of divination.’

 Prague meta magic
Meta-Magic – a dynamic and exciting process to awaken us as dancers into the innate wisdom of the meta-intelligence that lies all around us, a dance that weaves together the magical and sometimes unexpected occurrences throughout our lives.
We live in the mystery of a universe over which we have no control and of whose pattern we are often unaware. The pattern is woven from the fabric of everything we do, every interaction we have, connecting every one of us in an infinite, intelligent and magical web. Our power within this web lies in shifting to a meta-level of understanding from which we become more aware of the wider pattern of the web and the part we have to play in that. From this level of understanding, we are able to comprehend the wider significance of the events that unfold in our lives and how we can consciously set intentions to co-create our lives in partnership with the universe.
In Movement Medicine we engage with the mesa practice (the medicine field) of micro, medio, macro, expanding our consciousness to the realms of meta, using the ancient power of trance and repetition. Essentially a deep form of meditation, trance aligns us through body, heart and mind, enabling us to develop a stronger connection with the wisdom of our soul/spirit. Repetition – of movement, of beat – is a vehicle that enables us both to enter the trance and to stay fully present and embodied within it, rather than ‘spacing out’. We call this place of embodied connection the ‘oracle field’, for it is here that we can contact meta-levels of awareness, here that we can receive guidance about and understanding of the broader patterns of our lives.
In this workshop, we will use this approach of combining dance and movement, trance and repetition to explore our repeating patterns of behaviour from the meta-perspective of the oracle field. Rather than seeing these patterns as ‘negative bad habits,’ we will learn to view them as illuminated messages that can show us how to find the medicine in what life presents to us rather than blaming everything and everyone else for our difficulties. From this place of meta-awareness, we will then reach out into the wider web, communicating our desires for the coming year and inviting the cosmic choreographer to map out what is required.


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