Circle, Fire & Phoenix

Berlin CFP


"When we can drop the masks of who we think we ought to be and connect with our own Phoenix from the flames, there is liberation and freedom."

Originating in Chinese philosophical traditions, the black and white yin/yang symbol offers a visual representation of the concept of wholeness arising from the balanced interplay of two opposing forces: the dark, ‘feminine’, receptive yin principle; and the light, ‘masculine’, active yang principle. We can witness the play of these two forces within ourselves. How we relate to these two aspects, and the extent to which they are in balance, will be mirrored in the degree of harmony we experience in our outer lives.
In this workshop, we will look at how the dance of yin and yang plays out within the ‘circles’ of our individual energy fields. A strong circle depends on a healthy balance between the two – of receiving and giving, being and doing, retreating in towards the darkness and moving out towards the light – but often we favour one at the expense of the other. How strong and balanced is your circle? How is the dance between yin and yang playing out in your relationship to yourself and your expression in the world? We will explore these questions over the weekend using the powerful tools of Movement Meditation practice, inner dialogue, creative visualisation and sharing. In the process we will discover what we need to call in to heal any imbalances and strengthen our protective circle.
Having become aware of and honoured the importance of both yin and yang for our wellbeing, we are then able to step into the fire of whole-hearted commitment to all aspects of ourselves and our journey. To evoke this transformative fire, we will conclude the workshop with a powerful ceremony in which you will be invited to step into our communal cauldron to dance with yourself in the mystery, dying to that which holds you back and allowing yourself to be reborn, phoenix-like, from the ashes. It is a magical process that will catapult you forwards in your understanding of yourself and the unfolding of your essence.

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