Hollow Bone & Middle Earth Program

Discover your potential and souls purpose through the map of

'Middle Earth Medicine Ways.'

Be supported through practices that offer guidance and unique teachings geared towards your own innate qualities.


For those who wish to discover and follow their own potential and purpose, using some of the techniques of the 'Middle Earth' Program and offering it to others, whether individuals or groups.

This is a program that you can immerse yourself in to gain greater insights about your own process, as well as how it might best serve others.

Within the Middle Earth process's you can create you own syllabus of work that involves as many of the gatherings as possible, depending on where you wish to take your own work.

You will need to begin with the first gatherings as an introduction to the work and those who hold it.

The Journey,


Ancestral Elements

Then taking part in the following;

The Oracle of Repetition,


The Oracle of Medicine,


The Oracle of The Shapeshifter,


Creativity Cauldron,


The Hollow Bone Wounded Healer  *


Hunting & the Vision Walk,


Inauguration & Accepting The Mantle,


Purpose, Light, Shadow & Death,


Space Holder Process

(Space Holder is for those who wish to learn how to hold individuals and groups in a emotionally mature and safe environment.)

This will complete the program and give you the tools to offer your work else where. Included would be various projects, mentoring and advise from leading counselors & business advisors.

for more info on the syllabus see this website page

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