The Fabric Of My Soul

The Middle Earth Medicine Archetypes.

In Middle Earth Medicine we work with 13 archetypes for the syllabus of soul retrieval and finding/exploring our purpose. Getting to know and embody these archetypes that are inherent in us, helps us to understand and harness the different kinds of energies and attitudes and personalities that stand-out in our culture  when it comes to knowing our purpose.

The wheel of souls return offers us a map to guide us on our quest for psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

It also invites us to look closely at our life story, embarking on particular stages of life, to discern the familiar patterns that occur when we start each new passage, whether it be a time in our life, a new project, work, or even a relationship.

It is our souls calling to become the ‘one we are meant to be’ and life will deal us many challenges to awaken that part of us. At times we will need to do the work necessary to step up and at times we will need to get out of the way as divine intervention takes the lead. Knowing what we can change and what we can’t change is key to the process.

This Oracle wheel takes us on a journey to explore the archetypes which are innate in us all and give us a new outlook on ourselves, offering ways to use creativity, ritual and theater in order to learn how to adopt our purpose more fully.

We explore each of the archetypes by knowing and sharing our stories and experiences that we might learn from each other.

You will learn about their shadows and where we can fall into dysfunctional behavior that does not serve us because of them.

The book, ‘Middle Earth Wisdom’ and its own cards representing each segment of the wheel is available off this website.


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