Webinar – The Innocent

June 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
£15 for one webinar (two hours) £38 for three webinars.

 Innocent - innocence is the divine light within as curiosity engulfs me, I see with fascination the light, the dream.

Innocence; there lying under the shadow of illusion, so quietly surrendered to that flow of energy, that if one spontaneous fleeting movement not captured and held like a small creature, could escape and be gone like the whistling wind in the tree tops.

We are born innocent and constantly reminded of our curious innocent nature. This can easily be lost because of trauma, dis-ease or neglect. We explore our own innocent archetype and how we can develop a stronger connection to the inner-sense of our being. Our purpose has an innocent desire, to become, to be, to unfold its existence. By understanding the innocent nature of our purpose, we guide it gently and tenderly into manifestation, knowing it has its vulnerabilities too.

Shadow: Denial and Repression, childish behavior, blaming, conformity, irrational optimism, risk taking for the sake of it

Where lies your curiosity, or do you deny that part of you that wants to know, as a magical child knew?

Webinars are live with Caroline. A time to explore and share about experiences as well as journey with each of the dwellings and archetypes. 

An email with time and date is sent to you prior to each webinar, there will also be a reminder on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/229937154055741/

The webinars are not recorded due to shared intimacy.

Have your own drums to hand, or simply come along and enjoy the drum beat or rattles of others. Good to have a journal and pen. To see the ZOOM website please go to https://zoom.us/   The webinars last up to 2 hours.

More details on this page, as well as dates for future webinars WEBPAGE WEBINARS

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One thought on “Webinar – The Innocent

  • Lianne

    Good morning from sunny winter day in jhb,
    I’d love to join this eve, how does one pay? And how do I connect into the webinar?
    Thank you, lianne