Webinar – Sovereign

January 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
£12 for one webinar, or £27 for three

Our next webinar is focused on ‘Sovereignty’

The crown will now hold the essence of innocence, reminding me of my journey, it does not fit fully, for there is a soul in-between where no amount of skill will rise above the humility to do good in this world, in our world and good must be done if I am to serve, for not my will, but thou will must drive the flow of reasoning, for thy will must beckon through any cloud of egoist power, it is in the arms of unity we must trust.

When our soul purpose truly lands there comes a time when we must stand fully on our own ground taking responsibility for what we have created and where we have come to. Are we ready for this transition from manifesting to arriving? To be that adult in an adult world and to be in service to others, to our community, the environment, to our souls calling.


Webinars are live with Caroline. A time to share and talk about experiences. We journey and explore what each topic is about. Our current webinars are focused on the segments of the Middle Earth Medicine Wheel.

Our next webinars are:

9th January 7pm – SovereignI can stand in my strength, yet my humility must hold the reins, with a lightness of touch
6th February 7pm – Sacred FoolNot for the arrogance I stand, but for the truth that is beholden from the seeing
6th March 7pm – Wise ElderNot for the I, I give myself, but for that which is to come, not for the we, we see ourselves, but for the innocence that begins to dream
Very much looking forward to sharing the final triad of the wheel….
Hope you can join us.
Please pay £12 for one or £27 for the next three webinars

An email with time and date is sent to you once you have booked, there will also be a reminder on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/229937154055741/ We will have a brief check in, share experiences of journeying, and drum together.

The webinars are not recorded due to shared intimacy.

Have your own drums to hand, or simply come along and enjoy the drum beat or rattles of others. Good to have a journal and pen. To see the ZOOM website please go to https://zoom.us/   The webinars last up to 2 hours.

Below is a webinar that was recorded. This was offered as a free 45 minute webinar so folks could see how we get together and some of what happens. See video of what it looks like. Usually our meetings are 2 hours where we journey deeper and for longer, share more intimately and witness each other.


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