The Rebel – Webinar

July 10, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


free to roam the lands

I am held no more

in the clutches of what man would make me

I am my own master though I have much to learn

I am free of the shackles

and I seek the sovereign


The Rebel is the aspiring enlightened being, who walks his/her own path. She/he knows how to be with the 'herd' yet has ones own identity and is comfortable in their own skin.

Having a healthy sense of the rebel helps us to detach from what no longer serves us and enables us to grow into what is our fullest calling. We need to be able to discern what is right for us and what might merely be our own self-will running riot, or resistance and abdication from the truth. The rebel speaks ones own truth without fear. 

A rebel is one who lives totally according to his own light, and risks everything else for his ultimate value of freedom. Osho

We must all know our rebel, without knowing this vital part of ourselves we can never know who we are as a separate being to our family and peers. We will remain attached and without our own true identity. Challenging the ordinary and conventional, we are willing to look at the hard truths.

Shadow: Lacks convictions, eager for revenge, disregards consequences and is reactionary.

Think back to a time were you spoke out and claimed what was rightfully yours. Remember that time and bring it to your quest now, how might the memory of that serve you?

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2 thoughts on “The Rebel – Webinar

  • Katrina Freitag

    Hello Caroline,
    I was introduced to you by the Sixth Sun documentary that aired a couple months ago. I feel very akin to your teachings and hope I get the chance to explore and study with Middle Earth Medicine sometime. I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I would love to attend the Rebel webinar and I am wondering if there is a fee to do so. If so, how much? Also, is 7-9pm UK time? I assume so. If I am not available live, will a recording be available? Looking forward to hearing from you.
    In warmth and gratitude,

    • Caroline Carey Post author

      Dear Katrina,
      Thank you very much for writing to me.
      You are certainly most welcome to join the webinars and yes the time is 7-9 UK time. I wonder how this might be for you in Seattle? Im afraid we do not record the sessions as there is personal shared content from the group. In time i hope to create a course for people to hear more about the wheel and its parts, warm wishes, Caroline