Meeting The Wild – Cae Mabon. With Ben and Caroline

August 23, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – August 27, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Cae Mabon
Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 3HB
Full cost inc. food, accommodation and hot tub - £425 if paid by 1st June, £475 thereafter.
Kirsty Jackson

Meeting the Wild

A leaving-home rite of passage

at Cae Mabon, North Wales

held by Ben & Caroline

Have you now as an adult found your true place in society? Or do you perhaps feel lost, cast adrift in your own life, confused and disorientated?
Even a small pervasive sense of fear, doubt and confusion about who we are and where we are going can be a sign that we have missed out on one or more important rite of passage in our life. In traditional societies, significant transitions, such as leaving home, marrying and giving birth, are marked with rituals or ‘rites’ that support people to let go of their old identity and embrace the new. In modern secular society, however, many of us miss out on such rites. Without them we can end up stranded in a form of psychological no-man’s land, unable to fully release the old self and fearful and unprepared for what lies ahead. Our transition into mature adulthood therefore remains incomplete.

What was your experience of leaving home for the first time?

Meeting the Wild addresses the lack of rites in our culture by providing a powerful opportunity to revisit the important transitions in your life – in particular, your ‘leaving home story’. In the stunningly beautiful landscape of Cae Mabon in Wales, Caroline and Ben will lead you on a powerful journey of self-discovery, an adventure into the mystery, to reclaim and integrate the parts of yourself that have been lost along the way. On this potent journey into the unknown, wild nature will be your guide, the drum beat will be your calling, and the spirit world will send its allies to your side.
The tools will include dance, meditations, shamanic journeys, time in nature as vision-quest, ritual and ceremony, writing and creativity. We cannot know quite what form the journey will take. Only you can decide as you meet the dancer and wild spirit within you, choose to take each step and learn to trust yourself and the support that lies in the seen and the unseen worlds.

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Having completed your rite and assumed your new identity, you will be ready at last to re-enter society, with your heart opened, a renewed sense of connection and responsibility to all of life, and security in the knowledge of who you are and your true place in the world.
During the workshop, we will move through the following steps to explore our leaving-home story:

  • Creation & Curiosity Fascination as sacred medicine
  • Rebel or ArtistCreating the map, where am I going?
  • Lifting the veils of illusion - Where am I now?
  • Return to Essence - Who am I?
  • Unfolding the Mystery

Prerequisites: To attend this course, it is helpful if you have taken part in at least one Movement Medicine workshop, shamanic journey work or similar.

Arrival time from 2pm at Cae Mabon Tuesday 23rd to begin together at 5pm and we will finish with lunch on Saturday 27th.
Full cost inc. food, accommodation and hot tub - £425 if paid by 1st June, £475 thereafter.
Contact: Kirsty for application form & booking instructions.

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Ben draws on a wealth of experience, exploring the wild wisdom, from the Kalahari Bushmen, to Aboriginals, Native Americans and the Pygmies in the Congo. He has also learnt the wild side of life in retreats with his own tribes: The band of brothers, mankind projects and life training. He believes that in the wild, you know nothing, but have a connection to everything.


Caroline has a life time of creative adventures both internally and with the natural world. She is playful and passionate, yet highly experienced in the world of rite and ceremony. A shamanic practitioner, movement medicine teacher, mother and Grandmother she brings wisdom and clarity to our own histories with grounded spirituality.


Caroline and Ben are married and live in Devon, Uk. They have their own individual creative work as well as holding workshops and gatherings together. They have traveled through many countries together gathering wisdom and documenting their findings. Both passionate about the wild, the arts, theater and creativity, they inspire!


Contact Kirsty Jackson      moc.liamgnull@noskcajgytsrik

This Rite of Passage is designed to be inspiring, informative, fun and insightful.

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Come and remember, come and share offer to the play of life 

the rite of passage you forgot to do

because no one told you 

you could or it was necessary.

Tell yourself it did not matter? 

Deny yourself with shame,

hide yourself and tell yourself it simply is a game.

Afraid to show to others self-indulgent did they say?

What do we choose from our hearts to remember of that day?

Come remember yourself ,

the journey that’s not forgotten let it all become its dance,

be seen and celebrated

your life it is a ritual a re-membering, a tale to be told,

a forgotten being

a story of the heroine

or of a wounded soul

They always have their place, a story to unfold

the lives that they have touched that will never grow too old

An empowering rite of passage that can no longer be denied,

you know in your heart it matters 

and your life can be your pride!