The Wheel Of Souls Return – from innocent to sovereign – Johannesburg

November 30, 2018 @ 6:45 pm – December 2, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
Windrush Studio,
Reiger Avenue
Bloubosrand, Randburg, 2153, Johannesburg
South Africa
2700 rand
Ryan Klette

Who am I as a dancer, when I journey into the liminal space that only I can visit, the space that reminds me of my own reason for being here, where the true essence I was born with awaits me. How will I journey into these realms, forgetting for a moment the pressures of having to live this life, the ways that others would have me live and surrender to the sovereignty and pureness of spirit that awakens within me ~ the artist, the thespian the poet and the song maker. I am all of these when I choose to remember, the middle earth message of accepting my wholeness, my reason for seeking the truth and the essence of the freedom that beckons.

  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Drum Beat
  • Voice
  • Poetry
  • Presence
  • Creativity

A journey from Innocence to Sovereignty, with the awareness of soul retrieval.

Movement and creative journeys through 9 gateways of soul retrieval, embodied practice and mindful meditations. Come and immerse yourself in the poetry of presence, the movement of creativity and the joy of the free dancing spirit. All are welcome! No experience necessary, men, women, any age or ability.
Caroline is a workshop facilitator, a speaker and a published writer, she works internationally, sharing her experiences to many. She is devoted to the work she offers in supporting people to find freedom through creativity. She supports an understanding of the underlying and unconscious patterns that tend to rule and limit our lives, offering an understanding of our challenges. The aim is to reclaim a stronger sense of happiness, creative connection, soulfulness, and innocence.

Windrush Studio, Reiger Avenue, Bloubosrand, Randburg, 2153, Johannesburg, South Africa

Cost: 2700 rand.  50% deposit.  Contact & Booking Ryan moc.liamgnull@ettelknayr / +27 (82)552-0619

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