‘Hollow Bone’ Shamanic Course – Switzerland

November 17, 2016 @ 5:00 pm – November 22, 2016 @ 2:00 pm
Schloss Glarisegg, Switzerland

'Hollow Bone' Shamanic Course - Switzerland


17th - 22nd April '18
11th - 16th September '18
19th - 24th March '19


This 'medicine' is rooted in the drumbeat. It is about the softening of hearts, with the deepening of our connection to nature. It is soul retrieval at its simplest. It is work to heal, to move on, to empower ourselves, to live as fully as we are meant to, with nature as our ally and friend. To be that friend to the earth, to nature and the spirit world, by offering what is really needed without taking what is not ours.

The work is an intensive journey into the unknown territories of the Great Mystery.

We will gather together at the stunningly beautiful Schloss-Glarisegg. https://schloss-glarisegg.ch/zentrum/uebersicht

Schloss Glarisegg is beautifully situated between forest, meadows, a brook with small waterfall and the shores of Lake Constance in the community of Steckborn (Switzerland). A place to fall in love. It is powerful and beautiful.

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In this Hollow Bone work, you will learn how to become a ‘hollow bone’ yourself by accepting the teachings of spirit. You will understand how to shift your consciousness by moving out of the ego and rational mind for periods of time in order to become an empty vessel through which spirit can work. You will discover how to work with the divine power of the universe in a grounded and down-to-earth way to create healing for yourself and others.

What does the work involve?

Accepting the mantle of the hollow bone is the primary teaching of this work. Once integrated, you can use this state to assist you on shamanic journeys, healing's, creative tasks and vision quests. Furthermore, the capacity to become a hollow bone will support you to marry your deepest soul purpose to your ego, which has the capacity to act in the world. This will radically empower you, enabling you to act from a place of true integrity and authenticity so that you can embody your passions and do the work you were brought here to do.

To support you on this journey, Caroline teaches a variety of practices and approaches. These include shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, drumming, vision quests, medicine songs, ritual theater, the connection to power animals and allies, and the crafting of tools, such as medicine bags, instruments and masks. Underpinning the work is the mesa practice of Movement Medicine, a contemporary approach to shamanic practice through the medium of ecstatic dance and long term acting and ritual theater process's. The focus, ultimately, is on creating a clear channel and a strong enough presence to be able to stand fully within your own center and authority.

Engaging with this work demands that we inquire deeply into who we are, delving into our past, present and future to undertake the necessary work of clearing and cleansing all that lies in the way of stepping into the fullness of our essential selves. The more we carry out this work, the more aligned we become with Spirit and the journey of our Soul. This alignment represents true healing and integration – healing of our inner dancer and healing of the connections we have with others, with the environment, with our ancestors and with the universal web of the Divine Mystery.

The combination of the Ancient Shamanic Practice, Ritual Theater, Movement Medicine,Arts and crafts, connection with Nature, Vision Quest, Storytelling, Healing, Caroline's life experience and other adventurous, magical ingredients makes this work a unique Medicine for healing, creation, finding/adding soul in all I am and do, in my role as a mother, partner, in my work as an artist. Caroline, as a teacher, never stands in the way of the teachings and this is the gift from the Hollow Bone Work. Thank you,  Lies Van Hee

This will be an incredible journey over 3 modules. It is essential to attend all modules. There are limited places so please make your commitment early if you wish to join.

Pre-requisites: The online shamanic journey course, levels 1&2 or a workshop that includes journeying. And at least one shamanic dance workshop with Caroline.