The Oracle Of Medicine

June 1, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – June 6, 2019 @ 3:00 pm

Caroline will guide you through the medium of ecstatic dance, shamanic journeys, meditations and enquiries, to discover your own medicine man, medicine woman and weave this information into the creation of your own Oracle. Once the  wisdom becomes apparent and with time in nature to journey deeper by yourself, connecting with your own spirit guides, you will begin to find the song that wishes to be sung through you and will weave that and all of the information gathered into your own medicine bag.

A medicine bag is an item that spiritually represents the person who wears it and is carried for guidance, healing and protection. It contains objects that represent spiritual and healing experiences throughout our lives. This is a place to give totems a home close to your heart.

Making our own medicine bag is a process of illumination, to craft our own medicine container or oracle and understand the potency of what it is and what it carries. Creating this Oracle also gives us the opportunity to weave into it the shamans songs, sung from our heart but not in the ordinary way of singing. Our shifted state of consciousness in the 'singing sense' allow the songs to sing us.

There is no need in this work to be able to sing in the normal ways. Traditionally, it is important to create the medicine bag yourself, finding its reflection and its song inside you and in the face you show to the world.

The workshop includes ecstatic trance dance, time in nature, sharings, craft work and meditations.

For men and women any age or experience.

More details soon......


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