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Caroline has been holding creative writing groups for seven years. One particular online group began at the beginning of the lockdown in 2020 and has run throughout, empowering participants to expand their creativity, share their hearts and voices and have the courage to embody their ability to write.

Caroline is a profoundly inspiring facilitator and teacher and workshop leader. I was longing for a group that felt that it would really help me to write and to open up and I was guided to find Caroline and I am deeply grateful. Since working with her I am starting to write and to grow in confidence. I can’t recommend her enough.
Cate M

Caroline is known as a creative writer with tools to help unlock the writer, poet and creative within. She has been a writer of poetry and prose since childhood and is now a published writer of six books with her latest being a rewrite of her first book ‘Ms’Guided Angel.’ This book and all her books are available on this website as well as on the Middle Earth Medicine Shop.

There are many ways to help tap into our own creative skills, to open the imagination, to resource an inner understanding of what it means to be seen and heard. Caroline particularly focuses on our ‘life stories’ as women, a way to tap into what is ours to share and do in the world.

“I feel at home in Caroline’s writing group. I enjoy the writing and sharing, and surprise myself with new stories/poems each week.” Anna

Caroline as a creative dancer, a meditation and personal development teacher and a lover of nature has tapped into many resources that excite and inspire the free flow of different styles. These she will share with you.Bring your writing materials.

Zoom I.D. sent out with more details, please contact moc.enicidemhtraeelddimnull@enilorac

A variety of sessions will be held throughout the year. Please contact if you are interested in these workshops.

“Writing group with Caroline has opened a new gateway for my writing. Firstly I am writing directly in English, secondly I can exchange my writing with the women from around the world. My writing is improving and taking me to the lands unknown before…Sharing, exchange, inspiration, feedback, witnessing or just being and listening…is all about that group for me…we share not only our writing but personal stories, insights and feelings sometimes very private, sometimes very powerful or sometimes very simple…sometimes just a few words are enough, they are heard and welcomed in this group…we are there for each other to support not only our writing but also our well being”  Karolina Urbanska

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