Reclaimed Innocence

What is Soul Retrieval? What is it to Reclaim our Innocence?
Most people experience some form of trauma in their lives at some point. We all react to it in different ways. If the trauma is extreme, like abuse or a road accident for example, it is possible that part of our soul leaves the body. This is very necessary and is a mechanism to protect it from the abuse/trauma in the body at that time. Often the ‘victim’ is unable or does not have the support needed to deal with the emotions, pain or difficulties that follow. So they shut down, losing that part of the soul to a safer place – for now.
As life goes on the ‘survivor’ begins to miss that soul part, feeling a sense of soul-less-ness. It becomes clear that he/she needs to reclaim that soul part back into their lives. This only happens when the conditions are right for the survivor and he/she can deal with some of the feelings and emotions that may be attached to the original story. In soul retrieval sessions and gatherings we create a safe enough space together, identify the original stories and begin to invite that soul part back into our lives.

We dance together supported by our own ‘circle of power’ and the collective circle.
We gain as much as we are willing to give within this circle and supporting each other is key to this journey.

This gathering is open to all. If you are new to the work it is helpful to attend dance/movement classes of some description before hand.

How do we view innocence? What is it?
It is possibly an ‘inner-sense’ of who we really are, beneath the scars of guilt, shame, turmoil, trauma etc. It is the innocent soul, the curious soul and remembering the innocence we were born with can be a route through many challenges.

Why would we want to go there?
“There is no greater agony than bearing an
untold story inside you.”
-Maya Angelou-

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