There is no doubt we are living through difficult times and the threat is that there will be more, it’s not going away.
Do we live with our discomforts, is our world filled with anxiety, do we worry endlessly?
How will I feed my children, let alone provide their education needs? Can I have my heating on and pay my bills?
These are the basics of life, and don’t even begin to touch on how we stay out of debt, where the recreation of life becomes too extravagant and we wake up each morning with a feeling of doom.
Can money and finances have that much control and power over our life?
The reality is that it does and we cannot escape that. But we can choose how we manage our experiences in it.
We might choose to sit with the anxiety and fear. Asking ourselves what it really means and how we might analyse it further.
We might choose to focus on what we do have, to fill our hearts with gratitude for those things. (I recommend finding 13 blessings everyday.)
We might choose to ask the question what is mine to do?
Can I reinvent at least part of my life, so that I can be in service to where there is suffering, can I find a new sense of purpose, whether it’s adapting a hobby in order to make some extra cash, or supporting others to develop themselves by sharing their gifts, which encourages them and can be meaningful and productive.
Can I have the courage to bring about a new side of me that has never emerged before, setting it free into the light of day and showing the world I am beyond those fears of lack?
If you have the skills or the adaptation towards any of this, it might fulfil a need that is overlooked and not being recognised.
We all have choices in life but we all need to pay our bills and fill our bellies.
And we might just need to shift our awareness a few centimetres so that we include all of who we are and not just a fraction of what we know and are capable of.
Moving away from anxiety and worry, even when it’s tough.
Joining together in a creative and constructive way, it is possible to make changes.
And this is a choice of how we think and where we put our attention. No need for wishful thinking.
Action is called for and the power of our own presence felt in the world.
Caroline Carey
Middle Earth Medicine
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