For most of my life I have needed to do things alone, partly because I found it hard to trust others and partly because I always wanted to do things my way. This approach sometimes led me towards difficulties that were hard to undo, but often they taught me to lean into something that would support me, where no human could.
This I trusted more than anything, a sense of spirit and of collaboration with everything and everyone, knowing and understanding my place in a wider humanity.
If spirit is all things, including all people then it is clear to me that I am interconnected and clearly not alone, in anything I do. Allowing myself to lean into this has been a blessing, it has taken me into a new way to dream, a new way to invite others into my life and a different way to lean into that connection.
I believe I’m only alone if I think myself alone, I am only isolated if I think myself so. My mind can make up so many stories that create a field of negativity and it is my job to discern what is real and what is not.
I’m a very tactile visceral being, very kinaesthetic beyond anything visual or auditory, therefore I need connection, touch, energy in motion, I need to be creative, preferably with others. And so I created work where I would bring the arts and movement together in a very particular way. It was what I needed to understand my own life and how I weaved my world between the worlds of others.
Working in depth with emotional intelligence with unveiling fears, with learning from grief, with igniting passions through anger, with sitting in the joy of celebration, inwardly smiling at our own greatness and forming visual representations of all of this became second nature to me.
But so much of this cannot be done alone, it is simply not possible, along with so many other things we cannot do alone. But there is a place of meeting, there is a higher place to connect, there is an energetic field that awaits us, calling us into its river of awakened bliss.
Can you feel it?
I will meet you there.
Caroline Carey
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