The Wheel Of Souls Return

An exploration of soul purpose, using the Middle Earth Medicine Wheels dwellings, stages of life, archetypes, resources and tools.

Are you willing to create your own reality, from your life story?

A strange question you might think. But the reality is, we ARE our life story, it is what has made us and sculpted us into the person we are today, like it or not!

So can we begin to use those qualities that we like and learn to let go of the qualities that no longer serve us?

Can we see how the stumbling blocks that have occured, are now reflected in our careers, our work, our relationships? And can we find the medicine to heal some of those, or to awaken to something new, like new and different actions that would better our lives?

This is an invitation to take  a journey from Innocence (the purity we were born with) to Sovereignty, the true essence of who we are.

It is a creative journey, it is a meditative one, it is deeply introspective and it gives us tools and actions to administer in our lives, so that we can find out who we are and what is ours to give.

It is a process where we see opportunity in every one of our life experiences.

All of our new beginnings, including our birth story, the start of a project,  a new relationship, we learn to see as Spirit sent. The soul has its own unique design, its own sacred contract and is connected to us pre-birth and in the realm of dreaming.

We visit the innocent stage where the imagination begins to vision in, with curiosity, what is possible to create from that contract, from our life story, from our awakenings and even sometimes from our challenges and our wounds. We tap into that innate curiosity, that asks the questions ‘who am I?’

We journey from innocent to rebel, where we need to let go of old structures and immerse ourselves in the wildness of the untamed forest ,to release ourselves and explore the true nature of who we are, to find our tribe, knowing that our sovereignty rides the wild storms behind us, slightly out of view, for now.

We become the apprentice of our own life-story and the creation of our vocations that come through it, whatever that might be, whether it is a particular project, body of work, even relationship, being helped and guided by the understanding of our own repetitive patterns. We are waking up!

The wheel continues to be our guide, through adulthood with the artisan and the thespian, creating and acting from that place of creativity, parenting those qualities into being, showing our art to the world and manifesting change and fruition. Ensuring that when the time is right to share our voice, our art, ourselves to the world, we can do so with confidence, poise and grace, with a stronger sense of our own delivery system.

Knowing and maturing our purpose, our vocation, our potential, we become the Sovereign of our own Magestic Garden, stepping into the responsibility needed for the task set out to us and those we must serve, accepting the humility of our own Sacred Fool that we might relinquish the hold that our soulless ego has over us.

Trusting in a power greater than ourselves, the sacred fool reminds us of who we really are, how to find humor in our story and our humanness, we must awaken fully and know who we are. We become humble to the core.

Leaving no stone un-turned, we aspire to be the wise elder of our own making, standing, staff in hand with that sovereign vibration and the embodied calling that is here to honour and serve the children and those that follow.

Surrendered in acceptance of who we are, we know ourselves and are able to honor our ego as the hands of the soul.

Now as that elder we are here to serve the dream s that are arriving and whatever needs our attention and support.

Are we willing and able to be that Wise Elder in our communities and societies?

Knowing more of who we are, the wheel turns again and we get to know more…

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Middle Earth Medicine takes us on nine stages of soul work, integrating soul through personal development, soul-retrieval, creativity and ecstatic dance.

This particular medicine wheel not only supports your personal growth, but offers deeply healing experiences and meditations to open the heart and re-member a broken innocence. We learn to use the tools that can physically put us in touch with our purpose on this planet, guides that will support us on the journey and the very particular archetypal quality we need to embrace. We journey with each of the archetypes and their dwelling places, time of life, tools and resources, to establish the current position of soul and purpose.

Without careful observance and enquiry into knowing where we are in the cycle of our souls offering, it is almost impossible to know what stage we are at and what we need to embody before we can fully move on to the next stage. We can do this with the support of our community, listening to their experiences and learning and growing together. Often we can find ourselves trying to move on too quickly to the next stage before fully engaging with the last, thus meeting with the same challenges over and over again without fulfillment. We learn, one step at a time, patiently unfolding what is truly intended for us.

During this syllabus, Caroline will guide you through the wheel, using movement meditations, outdoor work, self reflection, sharing and creativity. She will share her own story of the Wheels discovery and the maps that have led to the Middle Earth Medicine path. No matter what your experience, no matter what your age or position in life, this Medicine Wheel may be able to support you on a journey of discovery.

Today our sessions are online. You are welcome to join us.

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