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The Hollow Bone Series – A Deeper Intelligence @ Emerson College
Mar 6 @ 6:30 pm – Mar 8 @ 5:30 pm
The Hollow Bone Series - A Deeper Intelligence @ Emerson College

The Art Of Spiritual & Emotional Intelligence with the 'Hollow Bone' way of living.

Accepting the mantle of the hollow bone is the primary teaching of our work.

This offering includes learning more presence and deep listening, adopting more self-awareness with the ability to self-regulate, finding empathy and compassion for self and others, embodying and using principled actions.

This all helps to motivate us and bring who we really are into our everyday living, loosening inhibitions and addressing any lack of self esteem and/or negative patterns and habits.

We use movement and dance to help us integrate and digest some of our stories assisting us to stay fluid and receptive to change.

Our focus will be on the Medicine Wheel of Middle Earth Medicine Ways, which takes us through 9 gateways of soul retrieval.

We will journey and learn to share with honesty, the wisdom and the information that we discover. We will gain more shamanic and spiritual tools to support our personal growth and find a deeper wisdom within.

We will dance, write and share within our circle

This is an opportunity to begin a journey of the Hollow Bone cycle and series of gatherings with Caroline and team.