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Dancing The Dream Time & Seeking Our Roots – UK @ Loudwater Farm
Apr 26 @ 6:00 pm – Apr 28 @ 5:00 pm

Dancing The DreamTime & Seeking Our Roots

With Caroline

What is your connection to the British landscape, to the wisdom that lies within its earth, to the rock people and the tree spirits, the furred and feathered, the winged and the four footed, what is your connection?

What part do you sense is yours to play, when dreaming the old home into your day?

Our movement, our dance and our writing will take us into the dream time, where Caroline will lead you through meditations, to discover what is old, what is inherent and what calls to us from the beyond.

With drum journeys and connection to the surrounding nature, we will explore what naturally comes to us as individuals and as residents of this kingdom.

Cost of workshop £150 Please pay £75 deposit. Full fee payable two weeks prior to when workshop starts. Use PayPal address to moc.liamgnull@tnemevomniymehcla or use payment box below.

Workshop Fee

Accommodation £50 for two nights shared, or £60 for two nights single occupancy. Food is separate. We will have details of costs shortly. (vegetarian, simple meals)

Travel: There is a train station at

Venue details :  Local accommodation list please enquire. Camping also available.
Booking contact: EMAIL

In-house accommodation for two nights available to the first applicants. Singles, shared rooms, use of lounge and kitchen.

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