MEM Apprenticeship & Dance Of Leadership

Middle Earth Medicine Ways: Apprenticeship & The Dance Of Leadership

Held by Caroline Carey With the support of previous apprenticeship graduates and the Dreamweavers, who bring the skills they have developed through this programme.

Creatively embodied apprenticeship training. An authentic approach to leadership skills, sharing our talents and gifts.

Online and in-person.

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Apprentices can join at any time and begin their own journey through the different levels of this work.


Second Level – TAKING ACTION


This apprenticeship inspires you to deepen the healing of your core-wound, explore emotional intelligence, transform trauma and change old patterns. This is the work of creative empowerment, finding your authentic and joyful purpose, developing the unique offering that is innately yours. You will be supported with the tools, resources and community of Middle Earth Medicine (MEM) body of work.

The Magic Of Mandorla is at the center and core of this work.

A flexible programme that apprentices can join at any time and begin their own journey through the different levels of this work.

Includes: Online gatherings, in-person training and explorations, creative tasks & space holding exercises. Peer support & mentoring.

We start with workshops or online gatherings, where we explore the many tools and resources.

Apprentices will be required to

  • Log all of the gatherings, workshops they have attended (online and in-person)
  • Take part in a minimum of two ‘apprenticeship only’ gatherings per year
  • Complete all workshops in the curriculum at their own pace (we suggest completing in a 5 year max period)
  • Assist as apprentices on workshops already experienced
  • Document processes and bring them to mentoring sessions and supervision


Each Apprentice is treated as an individual who has their own timing and trajectory for their development. Each will be supported and treated with the same respect, fairness and value whilst we aim to uplift and embrace the diversity of human experience. We encourage each apprentice to share their offerings with confidence, creative vision, integrity and depth.

We offer scholarship, recognising a lack of diversity and the financial burden to access training in the creative healing arts. Our aim is to support leadership trainings for more marginalised people.’ There are also payment plans.

If you wish to explore your journey into apprenticeship with Caroline and the MEM team, please apply for application form from email

I look forward to hearing from you and receiving you into further study. Once applied for, I will begin a conversation with you, to explore your personal needs on this path. Caroline

The Dance of Leadership apprenticeship has been a life transforming experience for me, and continues to be. The level of deep soul and psyche development is hard to put into words. I feel and sense the wisdom of Middle Earth Medicine in my bones and in my body. This journey is one of embodiment of both the wisdom of Middle Earth Medicine itself and of my/one’s own inner wisdom. I witness with gratitude and curiosity how this apprenticeship shapes me, my understanding of the world, and how the work expresses through me, supporting others. I have felt deeply supported in my growth on so many levels and particularly as a dance space holder, singer songwriter and workshop facilitator through this apprenticeship – both through the passing on & transmission of experience and wisdom through Caroline, as well as my fellow apprentices and Dreamweavers of this work. The apprenticeship is so far the best experience of marrying my own development with my offering into the world and I know the deepening and gifts will continue for years to come, as this model shows you how to apprentice to your own life journey and to life itself. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to deepen that journey inwards to bring out your gifts and gold within, you will be well supported and held in the process by Caroline and the growing team and community of Middle Earth Medicine apprentices. Ayla-Willow MEM Apprentice Teacher