As a child I had ideas that I always longed to share and did my best to in one way or another. For sure some of them were a little out of the box, but still I was passionate about them and wanted to have them heard. I know for me this part of my journey has been tough, one that I have struggled with for decades, so when I stand up and speak in front of an audience about the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of what it is I am bringing to the world and it is received, it is very encouraging. To share it as part of the dance and to see others blossoming from it with their own journeys, is a blessing and affirmation of what I have been passionate about for a very long time. I enjoy speaking, sharing my ideas, especially when I can see the benefits in others from it.

Sharing our own ideas can come in many forms including artistically, musically, poetically, in words and creations and often just by speaking them. How they are accepted by others makes all the difference to whether we feel received in the world and to whether our ideas matter. After all, are they not connected to our souls journey and calling? And more often, they are out of the box because we are pioneering something new!
So when they are not heard and received, it can leave us feeling diminished, soul-less, despondent and of little worth. Our ideas do matter, even if they sound out of the box and fantastical, they matter. Every inventor has probably had to deal with at least some kind of put down or disbelief that their invention would work.

Having our ideas listened to, encouraged and included is a big deal!

If you have ideas, or beliefs that are important to you, I encourage you to speak out, find a way to let them be known and find those who will listen and receive them. When they are not received, choose a different audience, we cannot force non-believers nor those who find it hard to encourage others – for what ever reason, but we can decide for ourselves that our ideas matter and we do not need to hide them away.

Perseverance is the key!

The  model I choose for myself is The Wheel Of Souls Return, which supports me in finding my own truth and the path through my own souls journey, bringing my purpose to the ground I walk upon. Maybe it could work for you? I look forward to sharing with you.


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